Firstly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all,
who have supported and encouraged Jupiter Express.

Our commitment is to focus on the overall customer experience and ensuring quality excellence for every customer who experiences Jupiter's logistics service. The prime objective is to put our customers at the highest priority and to provide exceptional personalized service through customized logistics solution. Jupiter Express perceives that offering services that are high in quality yet low in price is the most important factors in logistics management. We are committed to acting in the best interests of our customers, while operating a sustainable global business.

1. Jupiter Express network consists of 65 international offices in 24 countries. We are continuing to expand our networks across the globe and we are looking forward to meet those needs and ensure an advanced logistics experience for everyone."
2. We have made sustained investment on logistics IT system; introduction of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Personal Data Assistance (PDA) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) are a few examples of how Jupiter Express is maximizing logistics efficiency by securing real-time cargo visibility and constructing an effective business system.
3. We intend to secure Human Resources who are capable of Global Management. In order to achieve this, Jupiter Express concentrates on employee satisfaction and developing their core competencies through focused training. Employees are empowered to ask questions, make recommendations and continuously change things for the better.
4. I have been working for DHL Korea for the past 25 years and had experienced various positions from courier to Chief Executive Officer and managed diverse logistics sectors such as International Express Cargo, Ocean Freight, 3PL, 4PL and Specialized logistics. Based on above experience, Jupiter has a clear, global vision, an established presence in logistics market and the will to achieve its challenging objectives and accelerate growth.
5. We will address specific needs of U.S., China, Southeast Asia and European Market by offering a broader range of services in our global offices. We will concentrate on increasing our presence in the emerging markets, such as India, Russia, as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.
6. Jupiter's employees will continue to serve our customers through honesty, integrity and sincerity. We will be socially responsibility for every act we commit and continue to work for better society. Jupiter Express is always open to our customers and aim to develop better management. We recognize that the future global logistics market will be exacerbated by fierce competition and constant requirement for evolution. Through real partnership, we will raise the level of interaction with our client to create a world-class standard of service that will help us build lasting relationships with every Jupiter customer.

I encourage you to expect the best from Jupiter Express, eager to become the world's leading Logistics Company. We kindly ask for your advice and support to share your ideas, for how we can continue to improve and to capture the full potential of this remarkable organization.


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