As part of Jupiter Global Ltd, Jupiter Express Co., Ltd was founded in Seoul Korea, by Japan Airlines on 1989. Jupiter Global is a multinational logistics corporation, with an international network encompassing 65 major cities in 27 countries, providing innovative and efficient logistics solution. Based on 30 years of accumulated experience and know-how on global transportation, Jupiter Express Korea provides quick, accurate and safe import/export, custom clearance and supply-chain services to become one of the leading international logistics corporation, processing approximately 2.3 million shipments every year. Jupiter Korea's approach sets us apart from other logistics providers as we concentrate on specialized logistics fields such as Bio-Logistics, Critical-Parts Logistics and third party logistics (3PL). We have achieved remarkable growth in this field and have built a solid reputation for reliability in providing tailor-made integrated specialized logistics service. Jupiter Korea is also proud to be the official Korean agent of MARKEN, who is the world largest bio-courier, solely dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2006, Dr. Dong-Hwa Monte Choo, the former C.E.O of DHL Danzas Air & Ocean Korea, became the major shareholder of Jupiter Express Korea. Using his 27 years of global logistics experience from DHL, Jupiter Korea has taken a giant leap forward, strengthening solid foundation of facilities and network specialist knowledge. Jupiter Korea heavily invested in digital logistics (software and IT solutions) to further develop their existing concept in a collaborative and innovative way, taking full advantage of today's modern technology, operating systems, and hardware advancements to increase efficiency, and reduce operating expenses. Jupiter Korea will continue to invest in modern IT infrastructure to become the "One Stop Service Provider" for all the logistical services the industry needs, serving the ever changing needs of customers.

Pioneering overseas market is another primary goal of Jupiter Korea. From 2006, the company established its own Korean branches at the major cities of China - Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzen, Tsingtao and Vietnam - Hannoi, HoChiMin. Through successful partnership with local logistics consolidators in USA (LA, Los Angeles), Indonesia (Jakarta) and Europe (London), Jupiter Korea has strengthened its own international network through integration and intersectorial strategies.

Very recently, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation, Japan's largest warehousing company and a world-renowned global logistics provider, and Jupiter Global Ltd concluded an agreement to cooperate more closely in their cargo business, through joint sales and operational efforts. The new and deeper level of synergies will allow Jupiter Global to draw from Mitsubishi's wealth of know-how, accumulated over more than a hundred years of operations, enabling Jupiter Global to strengthen its cargo transportation, storage and forwarding services as it strives to develop into a comprehensive global logistics provider. Jupiter Global will also be able to provide customers with a wider variety of solutions through utilizing Mitsubishi's ocean freight and third party logistics functions, meeting their expectations with solutions and services they truly seek.

Jupiter Korea's main business area includes:-

- International Express Cargo Consolidation
- International Air & Ocean Freight Import / Export
- Global Transportation of Life Science Assets, Pharmaceutical Goods,
Clinical Trial Samples and Bio-products
- Courier On Board (COB)
- Critical Parts Order Fulfilment Logistics
- Third Party Logistics (3PL)
- Warehouse / Inventory Management
- DHL Same Day Service

Jupiter Korea will continue to devote our skills and passion to develop services, bringing lifetime customer loyalty. Through transparent and sincere management, we commit to develop professional employees and high value-added products to maximize customer satisfaction.

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