Based on our global network encompassing 65 major cities in 23 countries, Jupiter Express Korea ensures quick, secure and highest quality of import/export logistics service to anywhere around the world, often at service prices that are significantly competitive than those of existing service providers. We take great pride in creating the best possible solution that suits each and every one of our customers. Jupiter will be out there every day, trying to do it the best we possibly can, and to become the best at what we do.

Recently, Jupiter Express has developed next generation of advanced logistics information technology applications. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, equipped with real-time cargo tracing/tracking software and warehouse management system (WMS), applied to the traditional logistics markets, has revitalized and redefined these businesses, which is highly dependent on positioning and visibility of material flow. Making use of other coupled position-centric technologies such as GPS and wireless communication allowed full control of digitalized cargo information. ERP also provides direct and immediate access to the latest status of any cargo, any customer, and any accounting report. ERP also provides an inventory/financial revision, operation instructions, marketing/sales history and other tools for improved efficiency and optimized operation. Our specially designed IT software can also communicate with the Korean National Customs central database system for rapid reporting and payments, where nearly all the functions are now electronic. It allows all levels of a business to obtain real-time management information for their area of responsibility. Integrated and digitalized world-material-flow is the future vision of Jupiter Express that we are proud of. What is needed to achieve this vision, is an act of faith; a scientific approach towards logistics development. In order to meet ever-changing needs of customers we will consistently respond to rapidly changing market and correctly determine the new future logistics value.