Manufacturing systems in a factory or medical diagnosis / treatment systems in hospitals require unstoppable and continuous operation. When the critical parts of the equipment become damaged, it may cause colossal damage to the whole operation procedure and cause huge economical loss. Down-time cost in operations can quickly escalate into the millions of dollars and literally dictate matter of life and death. It is not easy to deliver a replacement parts in an emergency situation and Jupiter is aware that our customers requires the replacement critical parts as soon as possible, in order to urgently reactivate your operating and reinstate your business. Operation managers and Distribution suppliers must have rapid access to critical parts and Jupiter Express can handle all your Rapid Fulfillment needs, providing quality, accurate, and timely executed service.

Jupiter Express is the general agent of Flash Global Logistics in South Korea. We provide your Supply Chain Solution for delivery of critical service parts and components, directly from strategically positioned locations across South Korea. These deliveries support immediate same day 60/90 minutes courier service to address system failures, scheduled maintenance, new product deployment and overnight hardware exchange.