Clinical TrialS

Patients take many risks when participating in clinical trials. Protecting the safety of patients is paramount through the manufacturing and packaging process; so should the supply chain to the patient be just as accountable to the same Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. As the leading global life science supply chain solutions provider, Jupiter works with physicians, research sponsors and global labs to fulfill their need for specialized logistics, clinical trials supply chain services and specimen management. We guarantee our clinical investigators the products they prescribe and the specimens they collect are handled appropriately, monitored through their transport, and are managed to GMP levels through the entire supply chain.

When medical equipment and devices are required, these items are also combined in a single shipment to the clinics for reduced costs, simplified receipt of materials reduced risk of inordinate time in customs clearance. Medical devices, diagnostic equipment and medical components, including sensitive microchips and surgical equipment, are another vital aspects of an effective clinical trial. With special expertise in medical devices and equipment, our global network enables investigator support through the entire logistics chain, from the point of origin, to the local trial site, to the central laboratory.

Through our global network of offices, Jupiter extends the reach of clinical trials into non-traditional locations, enabling access to greater populations of treatment-naïve patients. Beyond the mere pickup and delivery of study resources, we support investigative sites with services that can expand the patient visit window, including:

Study logistics setup including investigator instructions, booking forms, and contact details sheets

Development of detailed transport schedules to meet required stability windows for individual products and delivery windows for individual investigational sites Flexible and customized collections available outside of stated call and pick up times; weekend, public holiday and out-of-hours collections

Tailored flights and routings and shipment scheduling

The provision of information/starter packs to the sites and ongoing supply of study materials, packaging phase change coolant materials to sites

Expert drivers to assist with on-site packing with provision of coolants at time of collection

Monitoring of individual shipment from pick-up to delivery; real-time online tracking via Jupiter's web-based tracing system, automatic Proof Of Deliveries (POD).

Regulatory and import/export license assistance and advice

Proactive shipment management

Dangerous goods classification advice

We work closely with the central labs to make sure that the integrity of the test specimens is maintained. Specimens are collected from the test sites on agreed-upon days according to agreed-upon timelines that are established by the client. As with the supply of the drugs to the clinics, Jupiter works closely with the clinics to ensure that test specimens are properly packaged to maintain their integrity and to facilitate movement through customs.

Jupiter has expertise in managing


Test kits and reagents

Nephrology products

Medical and surgical supplies

Plasma-derived products

Medical devices


Diagnostic equipment


Lab specimens

General injectable

Infectious Specimens