Cross Border Regulation

If your product needs to move across country borders, no one has more experience or knowledge than Jupiter in country-to-country regulations concerning pharmaceutical products. By understanding your products and the regulatory requirements, Jupiter is able to plan the movement logistics in a manner that reduces both time and cost requirements. Additionally, Jupiter's intimate understanding of regulatory codes and tariffs enables the support needed to recoup VAT and duties. By working closely with customs officials and licensed customs brokers, and utilizing our deep knowledge of import and trade compliance regulations, Jupiter is able to achieve the lowest possible duty and avoid delays on all of your shipments. This level of competence means products move across borders as smoothly as possible.

Regulatory and Import/Export license assistance and advice includes:-

- Exceptional consultation and assistance for urgent international Bio-Shipments; reliable advice from trained supply chain and regulatory professionals, including packaging, documentation, permits, declarations, customs preclearance, regulatory compliance and import/export license.

- Payment of duties and taxes on behalf of consignee

- Dangerous goods classification

- Export invoice review

- Pre-clearance of shipments to ensure the shortest possible transit times

- Custom Management Reports