core competencies

- Jupiter Global's network consisting of 65 international offices in 23 countries

- Korean Overseas branches with Korean managers and staffs residing at China-Shanghai,
   Guangzhou, Tsingtao, Shenzhen, Hong-Kong, Vietnam-Hanoi, Hochimin, Indonesia – Jakarta,
   USA-L.A, New York.

- Air & Sea Express Freight Forwarding

- Exceptional Import/Export transportation consultation for urgent international cargo

- Execution of top-quality Airport to Airport and Door to Door Express Cargo Consolidation service,
   promising the best price for our customers

- Handling of cargo from airport to airport involving carting/receiving goods and examination of

- Safe and secure transportation for Dangerous goods and Exhibition goods

- Warehouse and Inventory management

- Logistics and supply-chain management of value-added activities

- Personalized and optimized logistics solution provision

- 24/7/365 Operation

- Expedited Customs Clearance

- Liaison with Government Organizations

- Preparation and handling of any Customs Documentation on customer's behalf; Bills of Lading/airway, original invoice, packing list, bill endorsed by the importer or bank, insurance certificate, purchase order or letter of credit, import license and catalog or literature

- Pre-payment of taxes or duties

- Powerful IT system and database – Provision of diversified and high-quality logistics
  information service
      Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
      Warehouse Management System (WMS)
      Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

- Real-Time Tracing & Tracking – Visibility of Material Flow

- Continuous Performance evaluation and improvement through Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

- Effective logistics problem solving for every claims

- 22 years of Jupiter Korea's logistics know-how

- Global Standards and Management, highly trained employees with logistics expertise,
   passion and creativite