Jupiter Express Korea provides various trade-related freight forwarding services. Our main business area - Freight forwarding - involves moving goods around the world on behalf of importers and exporters. The particular mode of transportation that we expertise is Express Cargo Consolidation. If you have a consignment of goods that needs to be moved from country A to country B, Jupiter will identify and book the best routes, modes of transport and specific carriers for you. We guarantee that our Express Shipment will be delivered and custom-cleared overnight, regardless of the volume and the weight of the shipments. Using Jupiter can also cut your costs, because we arrange for the transport of huge numbers of consignments, which can be consolidated, going to a single destination to keep freight charges down for individual traders. You can use Jupiter Express as a valuable source of information and advice for your international trading process. We will be particularly useful if you are new to the businesses or importing to or exporting from South Korea.