Forget tomorrow, it’s all about Today! Whenever time is critical, for your most urgent international shipments, the solution is only a phone call away!

Jupiter Express provides unique and professional logistics Solution, designed for those who are faced with urgent and unexpected transportation of confidential document, spare parts and tools, medical packages, jewelries, cheque, art objects, samples, dangerous goods, high-tech equipment and so on. With our customized on-board courier system we can offer you quickest, secure, creative, tailor-made transport solutions, regardless of the size and quantity of your time-critical shipments. Whether you require a door to door or airport to airport courier service for anywhere around the world, call Jupiter Courier On Board service.

When time is of the essence, when waiting simply will not do, we will arrange the fastest delivery times for your critical shipments. All of our Personal Courier staff has been fully trained in all aspects of consignment handling and our representative will pick up your shipment at the location you choose, and then we take it to the nearest airport. From there, the courier boards a next available scheduled flight with your shipment in hand, assuring security and total control during transport and ensuring minimum delays for your consignment. In the event of a flight cancellation, technical delay or weather problem, your courier will re-route to deliver the consignment in the shortest possible time. Upon landing, the courier immediately delivers to the destination as promised and provides a Proof of Delivery (POD) via phone, fax and e-mail. Our COB service is available for you anytime and anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year! From collection to delivery at your chosen destination, we will track your valuable shipments update you on their movements via a hand held PDA, informing you literally every step of the way until the goods are handed over. With over 20 years of COB experience, Jupiter Express provides truly customized service for our customers who needs urgent transportation for their time-critical materials within 24 hours.



- Highly trained COB experts are stand by at all times : Visa arrangements, Airlines seats
  reservation, constant preparation for COB operation.

- 24/7/365 custom tailored COB service to anywhere around the world

- Our COB hand carry service provides a later cut-off versus normal air cargo

- COB consignment receives higher priority in carriage on board a specific flight

- Ensuring the top security throughout the entire transportation process

- Faster and more simplified custom clearance procedure at the destination

- A worldwide network and partners offers you an unparalleled flexibility and reliability

- Over 20 years of COB experience and proven track record with over 100 COB jobs per year
   makes us a top qualified and validated service provider in South Korea

- Weather-proof couriers bags made of durable material allow easy recognition and retrieval
   and ensure your consignment will arrive in good condition