Jupiter Express PDA System automates the supply chain and logistics process to improve service, billing and inventory tracking. Our powerful PDA device synchronizes delivery and order information to the centralized ERP database using a secure real-time GPRS mobile data where it is then displayed on the track and trace site within minutes. The PDA device comes with a barcode identification system providing complete information for every shipment on his route. It records exactly what a customer received in comparison to what was ordered and whether the delivery was made to plan. Centralized ERP database system receives and validates the transmissions via electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and stores the data for future evaluation. We ensure correct product goes to each customer, reduces stock loss on the road, resulting in improved delivery accuracy through rigorous validation of ePOD, better customer service, billing operations and streamline administration. Additionally, we can monitor customer service levels such as On-Time-Delivery, Missed/failed delivery, Order accuracy analysis, Customer returns analysis, damage analysis and provision of management information using Key Performance Index (KPI) system. Transaction data gathered from PDA is transferred to our automated KPI generator for more complex data handling and applied to a management framework such as the balanced scorecard. These assessments often lead to the identification of potential improvements; and as a consequence, we can evaluate success of our operation process and repeat the same level of our operation achievement goals. Jupiter Express is proud to be the only Korean Logistics Company to provide an integrated mobile application system / KPI reports and have been the market leader of the Express Logistics consolidation for the past 5 years.