Our temperature control vehicle is equipped with a rigorous refrigeration unit that is integrated with the micro-controllers that provides real-time temperature recordings. A temperature logger gives a journey history of the temperature experienced and can provide the deciding information for product release. Our cold logistics system meets ever-increasing regulations in the Pharmaceutical Industry and provides a strictly controlled environment required for shipping high-value, temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and bio products. If a deviation or alert condition is generated for a shipment, the data collected is sent to the system for immediate assessment and examination. Every movement is monitored for route deviations and temperature threshold violations, giving our customers confidence that everything is in order and proving that the product has stayed within its agreed temperature.

Our expert cold logistics couriers are well trained in handling pharmaceuticals and temperature controlled delivery procedures and we understand that all customer requirements can be different in every way. Jupiter Express welcomes enquiries from the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, Medical & Healthcare industries and we are confident in our abilities to deliver a secure and world-class service.